Snap, Clap and Splat


Stick together through thick and thin
it’s a game you’ll want to win!
Everything around may fall to bits
it’s up to you to keep your wits!


Bell Pepper


Bell peppers are part of the same family as potatoes, eggplants and tomatoes. They come in different colors, red, green, yellow, orange, purple and even black. The different colors of bell peppers taste different, the green ones for example are slightly more bitter and the red and orange ones are sweeter. The red ones are the richest in vitamin C.

Snacking on green peppers is not only yummy but very healthy too: 1 cup of sliced green peppers contains 2,5 g of fiber and only 30 calories. Remember fiber is important for your digestive system so eating a cup of green bell peppers will keep your digestive system functioning properly!

On top of the of vitamin C which helps your body fight infections, gives you healthy looking skin and teeth, Bell Peppers also contain loads of Vitamin E! Very important in protecting your cells from external damage, like the sun. Did you know that a red bell pepper has over twice the amount of vitamin C than an orange?

The nutrients are at it’s best when the Bell pepper is ripe, since they continue to ripen in your fridge it’s best to let them ripen for a few days after purchase before eating them.


Simple recipes  and inspiration using bell peppers:




The are many different types of asparagus and they have been around for quite a while. Even though there are around 300 different variations only 20 of them are actually edible. Asparagus season is usually from April through May. They come in many different colors (white, green, purple) and grow under ground. Did you know that they are as old as the Egyptians about 3000 BC, and that even the Greeks and Romans enjoyed asparagus?

These long little veggies are even used as a kind of medicine all the way in the Himalayas, they were used to treat digestive problems. Due to the high levels of fiber and protein in they help stabilize our digestion and keep food moving through us at a desirable rate. Too much fat or sugar in our digestive system makes food pass too swiftly through our system.

When Asparagus are picked they don’t die, they, like many veggies, they continue to engage in metabolic activity. Meaning they just keep getting healthier and healthier. They continue to take in oxygen and break down starches and sugar and releasing carbon dioxide. This process is called respiration, Asparagus have a very high respiration rate.  This rate is five times higher than in onions and potatoes, three times that of lettuce and tomatoes and twice what is provided bycauliflower and avocado. Remember to consume asparagus within 48 hrs of purchase or the tips will loose water and harden.


Some inspiration foe simple and classic recipes  made with Asparagus:


Working only half a day


Working only half a day,
also means half the pay.
Time is ticking I must hurry
my eyes are squinting, my screen is blurry
if this isn’t done before I finish
a future promotion will quickly diminish.
A job may come and go any day,
yet kids are forever and here to stay.



Find out why eating Broccoli is good for you!

Broccoli is jam packed with good stuff and is a nutritional powerhouse!

Did you know that if you eat only 100 g of Broccoli you are getting 150% of your recommended daily dosis of vitamin C?

Eating Broccoli helps your body to produce enzymes, you need these to break down your food and absorb nutrients. Enzymes also help protect the heart blood vessels.

If you have a common cold, eating a lot of broccoli can shorten the duration of the common cold!

Broccoli is a cruciferous veggie, just like cauliflower, brussels sprouts and cabbages.

Broccoli is also excellent in preventing many sicknesses like Arthritis. The sulfur-rich broccoli compound, sulforaphane blocks a key destructive enzyme that damages cartilage; This sulforaphane also has been shown to kill cancer stem cells. Also it improves blood pressure and kidney function. So listen to your parents and eat Broccoli it is a real super hero of foods!

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Daddy’s got the juice



Just because you decide
your belly is a bit to wide
Don’ t ban all things sweet
feeding them only kale and leak
For a balance of both
stimulates  growth